Essential content marketing steps which can make your site attractive

Content marketing is the creation of content capable of attracting customers, capturing the attention of users interested in them. The content you make available must differentiate themselves from those already present on other websites, try to emerge, express the characteristics of a service, a product or a context in a direct, original way and able to keep the reader’s attention and encourage them to want to know more. Essential content marketing steps would include a customized strategy for approaching customers and addressing their specific needs.

Thanks to the wise use of content marketing for your site and optimizing its presence on search engines with SEO. it is possible to present to the reader a real testimonial of the company, not only through texts but also images, videos, podcasts, applications.

We share below a simplified version of essential content marketing steps needed for every brand.

The who, why, where, when and what of content marketing strategy

It is very important to know about the above mentioned questions. Always keep in mind the questions while writing content for your blog. Now we will discuss the questions briefly.


Regarding who, it must be said immediately that all businesses can use content marketing because they all have a story to tell – their own. And they all have products to explain – theirs. And if a company has no arguments to convince its customers, it has a big problem of communication which must be solved first.


Why use it? Content marketing is about designing and creating digital content that offers added value to those who use it. Thanks to SEO, or to the continuous optimization of content for search engines. The business website can secure a reputation on the web, acquiring authority over specific topics and increasing incoming traffic.

Content creation is a continuous investment that aims to increase brand awareness of the company and find new leads. If included in the right inbound marketing methodology, it also helps the company transform them into customers.


This question is fundamental because once you have created the content, you need to spread it. The company’s website is just a channel and not the only avenue. You must attempt for the distribution of content, perhaps starting from social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and others.


You also need to know when to publish. Ensuring a constant rate (1 content per week or 2, 1 per day or more, depending on the strategy chosen by the company) of content release allows your users to have something new and fresh every time they visit.

Unlike a few years ago, where the number of site updates heavily impacted performance, today search engines tend to prefer quality to differentiate the content offered by other hundreds of low-quality web presenters. Once shared on social media, it is not always easy to find the right visibility.


What is an exciting topic? Since, it is possible to create a multitude of contents, even combining themes, objectives, and methods. However, the strategy must be decided. You must have something to tell and then know how to say it, with an original narrative that can attract attention and convince the reader of your site.

You can produce text posts, image galleries, infographics, presentations, movies, audio, programs with specific functions – everything that can help your visitor and bring him closer to your company and your products.

Your future client does not look for advertisements on the web, but useful information and news. He wants to gather something concrete about your product not to read slogans. Your future customers don’t want advertising breaks, but something that gratifies and satisfies them. Spend time in effective content creation and marketing to bring in new leads and generate revenue.

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