How to do social media marketing in few simple steps

Social platforms are an excellent tool to give value to one’s business. But it is not enough to launch on the different social networks for the simple fact that it is fashionable, without having planned an adequate strategy before.

In fact, every post, comment, like, photo, tweet, #hashtag, every social action must be integrated into a precise social media marketing plan.

Even if it seems complicated, don’t give up. If you want to make the most of your online presence, you have to arm yourself with patience and analyze, reflect, compare, choose and verify.

We set down a few basic steps about how to do social media marketing.

Define the goals for social media marketing

Defining goals in advance will help you adjust midway if your social media actions do not meet the goals set. Besides, it will allow you to have the tools to control your social media ROI.

The social world gives you the possibility to reach precise and defined goals:

  1. Manage and monitor your brand reputation
  2. Develop lead generation
  3. Acquire customer information
  4. Increase sales and your business

Don’t forget that your social media marketing goals will have to be integrated and aligned with all other marketing and communication activities.

Find out who your competitors are in the social media 

Hunting for your competitors and analyzing their digital marketing activities does not mean imitating them.

If you know how to study those around you, it will be easier for you to realize a conscious and defined social communication. Start by asking yourself who your competitors are, how they act online, what they propose and how they relate to their users.

Once you have studied and analyzed what others are doing, you can follow their step, to then distinguish yourself and overcome them.

Choose social networks carefully for your social media marketing

It is useless to have innumerable social profiles if you do not have time to manage them. Moreover, as you know, every social network has its dynamics, its users and its objectives.

Therefore identify the social platforms where you can find your target audience. Then choose which ones are best suited to your product and service and also allow you to achieve your goals.

After that, you can start creating social accounts that are right for you. But don’t forget to give each of them a well-defined mission.

Give voice and style to your social accounts

A right tone and a unique style can make all the difference when learning how to do social media marketing.

Choosing the tone and style best suited to you will allow you to express the personality of your company and your brand. So make sure they reflect who you really are. At the same time, on social media, you have the opportunity to establish a real dialogue with your customers.

Analyze the results of your social media marketing

Once you have created your social profiles and activated your editorial plan, it will be essential to carry out the necessary checks.

An accurate and constant analysis of the results obtained from your social media marketing planning will allow you to have a general picture of the progress of your communication campaign and, at the same time, it will enable you to record and evaluate your successes and failures, and then to modify your SMM plan.

We are increasingly aware that social media are excellent channels for interacting with our customers and receiving product feedback. But to make sure that you can get added value from your social media presence, you have to start off on the right foot.

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