India Today’s Google Certified Partner

At Today’s India, we are proud to announce ourselves as a Google Certified Partner. We have earned this prestigious status from Google. It is a singular achievement which carries with it plenty of responsibility. Google does not grant this coveted badge without testing, and our agency has qualified splendidly.

What is Google Certified Partner?

Google Certified Partner is a person or agency that is trusted by Google as a verified provider of  Adwords and Analytics service. If one of the world’s largest company believes in our capability does it not stand to reason that you can also repose your faith in us?

Why Should You Chose Us?

Due to our proficiency in Google Adwords, we have been granted professional accreditation by Google. As an Adwords certified partner, we bring to our client’s skills that are the preserve of very few SEO agencies. Not only Adwords but we are also certified experts in the use of Google Analytics.

Thus we meet the gold standard of digital marketing companies in terms of being trustworthy and able. It means is we have a complete awareness of Google SEO ecosystem. This can bring you the most excellent tactics for pushing your website to the top of search engine page rankings.

It is essential that a successful SEO campaign be able to identify the proper keywords which would make it possible for your site to rank higher. Using the Keyword Planner tool is just the means to an end. Those who are officially certified by Google know only some unique SEO strategies.


There also has to be a deep understanding of the Adwords bidding process. It is not very simple since Google has a complex auction system that allows everyone involved in Search Engine Marketing to place bids on various keywords and keyword clusters. Business wants to invest as little as possible but viewed by the most significant number of visitors.

This expertise is the domain of those who are Google Certified Partners. At Today’s India, we take a great deal of pride in bringing you the most exceptional SEO services. A team of efficient administrators, SEO specialists and content writers who have years of experience with Google run the optimized processes. Also, they are very knowledgeable of the various updates that the search giant issues from time to time.

The digital marketing campaign is not a matter of hit or miss.  A precisely planned campaign has to be impeccably executed. At Today’s India, we bring you efficiency and expertise at the least possible cost, so that you rake in revenue as your site tops search rankings.

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