Essential Role of Online Reputation Management in Brand Building

A good reputation has always been a winning card for building careers, companies and economic fortunes.

The internet has not changed anything conceptually. In all ages, credibility has been a significant factor for success.

Remember, society is always the same but technologies change the scenarios, and the entrance of the web has only dramatically increased the importance that a good name has for the fate of the business.

Have you ever tried to find your name, your company or your brand’s name on Google? The image you will get by analyzing the search results is your online reputation. Online reputation management is carefully shaping public opinion on the web about your business and brand.

What does online reputation influence?

Your reputation (or that of your brand) depends on internal and external factors.

Internal factors are related to content you produce, such as what you posted on your website or on your social media profiles. Outside factors, on the other hand, are related to what other people say about you, your company or your brand such as, for example, reviews, various articles, Wikipedia, etc.

In this regard, remember three things –

  • The internet never forgets anything
  • By doing extensive research on you and/or your company, much more information can come out than what you wanted to share
  • In many cases, online reputation is the only reputation that counts

This is not to scare you but to make you aware of the importance of online reputation management.

Why online reputation management is so important?

On the internet (and in particular on social networks) it is really easy for consumers to express their feelings towards people, companies, brands or products. Such feelings, of course, can be positive or negative.

This is why it is essential to manage and monitor online reputation actively. If you are still not convinced, take a look at the data below:

  • 93% of consumers believe that online reviews have an important role in choosing the product/service to be purchased
  • 80% of consumers read from 1 to 15 reviews before purchasing
  • About 90% of consumers believe in reviews they read online
  • 66% of consumers become skeptical if they notice negative unanswered comments, 25% feel reassured if they see replies from the company to negative comments.

The conclusion -the choices of users depends on what is said online about you, your company or your brand. In this case, it can make the difference between choosing you or choosing your competitor.

How can you best manage online reputation management?

The virtuous circle of constant monitoring and improvement of online reputation is realized with the following phases –

  • Listen to customer conversations
  • Manage any negative reviews
  • Favor positive reviews.

How can it help you improve your product/service?

By paying attention to what customers are saying about you and/or your company, you have the opportunity to interact with them and answer their questions. It is also an essential tool for managing online replicas of your brand and rivals.

Social listening can also help to receive feedback from consumers about your products/services. What do they appreciate? What can be improved?

Furthermore, social listening can help you to create products/services that are increasingly closer to the needs of users.

ORM has emerged as an essential tool if you want to build your brand online. No matter how sincere you are if there is no official response from your company to a customer who has a grudge (no matter how trivial or irrelevant), the reputation of your company takes a nose dive. With this in mind engage in active online reputation management immediately.

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