The Role Of Web Design Company In Kolkata In Improving SERP Rankings

web design company in Kolkata

The internet has become present in every sphere of our life. From smartphones to laptops most consumers are now always connected to the information superhighway. It is but natural that all business owners want a slice of marketing through the web. But how do you get your website through to a customer? It is known as search engine optimization.

What is the purpose of site optimization?

On the web, users search for information through search engines. Therefore, websites that appear in the top positions of search engine search results (referred to as SERPs) gain enormous online visibility.

This visibility generates a flow of visitors to the website, called organic traffic. It’s not enough to be on the search engine such as Google or Bing, you have to be on the first page of results. Users looking for search engine information click on the links on the first page. Few visit the second page of results.

Therefore, an online competition for SERP on search engines is very high. A non-optimized website loses organic visibility compared to optimized ones. From a marketing point of view, this is a loss of opportunity and a weakness. For this reason, website optimization should never be overlooked.

How does web design company in Kolkata optimize a website?

The principal SEO optimization activities are divided into two categories.

  • SEO inside the site (on-site)
  • Off-site SEO

They are two activities to be followed simultaneously. One must not exclude the other.

On-Page SEO By a Web Designing Company

On-site optimization techniques consist of a series of interventions to be made on the website’s website pages.

  • Optimization of the HTML code (Technical SEO) – It is a modification of the source code of the site to integrate tags, meta tags, headers, structured data, etc. This part of the work is carried out by technical personnel. Generally from the same people who developed the website.
  • Optimization of the information content of the pages (SEO Copywriting) – This is a review of the materials published on the website. It is carried out by a copywriter specializing in SEO. It does not necessarily have a technical preparation. In this work, competence in online communication prevails.

Off-page SEO By a Web Designing Company

The techniques practiced outside the website concern links and citations. The links and quotes are considered as a sign of appreciation that increases the ranking page rank.

There are two types of off-site optimization:

  • Link Earning – Backlinks which are spread naturally through better site design by a web design company in Kolkata. Users who link to or share the page on the web or on social networks do it spontaneously. It is the most challenging path but also the most stable one.
  • Link Building – Backlinks spread through artificial means. Anyone who links to or shares a link gets something in return from the linked site (money or other remuneration). Some of these practices such as link farming are prohibited and penalized by search engines. This category includes the purchase of links, article marketing, guest posts, etc.

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